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“When I said the house was warm and cozy-I meant both physically and aesthetically. The logs hold the heat so that in the winter a few logs in the fireplace in the morning keeps us nice and toasty. We love our log house, in the summer, I feel like I’m living in a tree house. True Log did a great job building! We enjoyed working with Jim…making a basic plan become OUR plan!”

-Pat and Jerry Dunlap

“It was always a dream of ours to someday have a log home. True Log Homes built us a beautiful home and re-constructed it on our property in Mount Vernon, Wa. The quality of the logs and craftsmanship was top-notch. From beginning stages all the way through, it was a pleasure dealing with everyone at True Log Homes.”

-Peter and Jane Nager

“True Log Homes has been in business for over 40 years and I would recommend the company highly. Though the years the company built log homes and hotels with cabins from as far as Colorado to Japan. I ordered a log home from the company back in 2002. My wife Katherine and I decided to act as the owner builder for our 2,400 sq.ft. spectacular log home. What amazed me was the ease at which True Log Homes accomplished the project from the very beginning to the finish. Fir logs, because of their strength, was the choice for the shell package. The diameter of the logs ranged from 11 to 15 inches and these where all hand hewn by skilled craftsmen. As part of the process, the architect’s work was perfect as was the engineer’s and the permit process went though without a glitch. But that’s just the beginning of this remarkable story. The shell package was built with a crane in four days with their crew and then True Log Homes sent one of their best log home builders to finish the project. Aside from the foundation and the electrical which was contracted out, the home was completed in about a year. This was just one of five log homes that were built in California with ours being the True Log show home of the state. During this process, there was another True Log Home being built in the same area (as ours) and a Hollywood Production company came up to film a documentary of both homes, that being ours which had already been built and the other one while it was being built. This became a documentary film called “Log Cabin” which also received a spread in the Sacramento Bee newspaper as well. In summary, True Log Homes is the premier log home builder in an age when conventional housing just has to take a back seat to that log home dream that we are still experiencing today.”

– Chuck Frank Penn Valley, California

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